Personality Assessment For Real Estate Sales

Successful agents all have one thing in common: the ability to manage the entrepreneurial nature of real estate careers! Take this 8-minute personality sales assessment and find out how you compare.

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Real Estate Sales Skills Assessment

Reached a crossroads in your career and wonder if real estate might be a good choice for you? Take this 20-minute assessment and see how you perform in a day-in-the-life of a real estate agent.

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Take Our Virtual Interview Now

Let us help you create a successful real estate career.  Take our 8 minute virtual interview and learn more about Bowes & Cocks.

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Earnings Calculator - Set An Income Goal

Download our free earnings calculator to drive the income you desire. Simply input the income you want to earn and the calculator will determine the volume of activities necessary.

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Become An Agent

Life's Too Short For The Wrong Job! Yet another day at the office. Sure, your job's ok. Your colleagues are pretty nice. But you want more. You're ambitious. You want to make your own decisions about your own business. You'd like to make more money for all of your hard work.

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About Us

Founded in 1956, Bowes & Cocks Limited is a family owned and operated business, and one of the most respected, premier INDIE real estate brokerages in Ontario, Canada.

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Use Twitter To Expand Your Network

Increase your network and sell more homes. Create a following on Twitter. The large and growing user base that Twitter has can substantially increase a Real Estate Agent’s network.

Tips To Qualify Home Sellers

Qualify your home sellers with probing questions, and be prepared to be questioned. Talk about how you will sell the home - your marketing activities, your past success rates and the like to ensure you are the best fit for the home seller.

Effectively Use Social Media

By now you probably have a Facebook account, LinkedIn, Twitter, or all of the above.  But do you know what social media can really do for your business? Do you have a social media strategy?

Tips To Qualify Home Buyers

Qualifying home buyers is a fundamental differentiator of top producing Real Estate Agents. Read our white paper with tips on effective questions to ask and maximize your time and earnings.

Free Report

Bored with your current job? Frustrated with the pay? Feeling undervalued? Here’s an exciting way to get out of the rut, and start your own profitable business with minimal risk and capital investment.

Catch The Mistakes Of A "Bad" Real Estate Agent

Watch this 2 minute video featuring a real estate sales agent and a prospective buyer.  How many mistakes does the agent make?  Can you find all the mistakes?

Internet Buyers - The New Sales Cycle

Almost all home buyers start their search on the internet. Can they find you? Did you know that 77% of internet buyers interview just one single agent? That means you must be the first responder.

Meet Our Leaders

Our dedicated and highly skilled team leaders have years of experience in real estate sales, supervision and training giving our agents the best support anywhere.